Kingdom of Ireland

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This article is about the Tudor-founded state, for other uses see, Ireland (disambiguation).
Kingdom of Ireland

Flag Coat of arms
The Kingdom of Ireland (dark green) depicted with the realms that it was in personal union with (light green).
Capital Dublin
Language(s) Irish, English.
Government Monarchy
 - 1542–1547 Henry VIII Tudor
 - 1760–1801 George II Hanover
 - Established 1542
 - Disestablished 1801

The Kingdom of Ireland was the name given to Ireland from 1542, by the Crown of Ireland Act 1542 of the Tudor Parliament of Ireland. The new monarch, King Henry VIII, replaced the feudal Lordship of Ireland, which had been created in 1171 by Henry II, with the formality of a kingdom. This Kingdom of Ireland merged with the Kingdom of Great Britain to form the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland in 1801.

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