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Armorial of England

The continuous list of monarchs of England traditionally begins with Egbert of Wessex in 829. Alfred the Great and his son Edward the Elder used the title "King of the Anglo-Saxons". After Athelstan conquered Northumbria in 927, he adopted the title Rex Anglorum. Starting with Henry II in 1154, the title became Rex Angliae (King of England).

The Principality of Wales was incorporated into the Kingdom of England under the Statute of Rhuddlan in 1284, and in 1301 Edward I invested his eldest son, the future Edward II, as Prince of Wales. Since that time, with the exception of Edward III, the eldest sons of all English monarchs have borne this title. After the death of Elizabeth I without issue, in 1603, the crowns of England and Scotland were joined in personal union under James VI of Scotland, who became James I of England. By royal proclamation James titled himself "King of Great Britain", but no such kingdom was created until 1707, when England underwent legislative union with Scotland to form the United Kingdom of Great Britain.[1]

Dark Ages

House of Mercia

  • Offa (774-796) ~ Regarded as the first to be crowned King of England.

House of Wessex

House of Denmark

Following invasion, The House of Denmark saw a line of Danish kings reigning over England.

House of Wessex (Restored Anglo Saxon)

House of Godwinson

House of Normandy

House of Plantagenet

Portrait Name From Until Relationship with predecessor
Henry II of England.png Henry II of England
19 December 1154 6 July 1189 son of Empress Matilda, heir to the English throne but was usurped by her cousin, Stephen I of England.
Henry the Young King.jpg Henry the Young King 14 June 1170 11 June 1183 coregent at age 15 onwards with his father, Henry II of England.
Richard I of England.png Richard I of England
(Richard the Lionheart)
3 September 1189 6 April 1199 son of Henry II of England.
John of England.png John of England
(John Lackland)
27 May 1199 19 October 1216 son of Henry II of England. Brother of issueless Richard I of England.
Henry III of England.png Henry III of England 28 October 1216 16 November 1272 son of John of England.
Edward I of England.png Edward I of England
(Edward Longshanks)
20 November 1272 7 July 1307 son of Henry III of England.
Edward II Plantagenet of England.jpg Edward II of England 7 July 1307 25 January 1327 son of Edward I of England.
King Edward III from NPG.jpg Edward III of England 25 January 1327 21 June 1377 son of Edward II of England.
Richard II of England.png Richard II of England 21 June 1377 29 September 1399 son of Edward, the Black Prince. Grandson of Edward III of England.
Henry IV of England.png Henry IV of England
(Henry Bolingbroke)
30 September 1399 20 March 1413 cousin of Richard II of England, whom he had murdered. Son of John of Gaunt, 1st Duke of Lancaster.
Henry5.JPG Henry V of England 20 March 1413 31 August 1422 son of Henry IV of England.
Henry VI of England.png Henry VI of England 31 August 1422 11 April 1471 son of Henry V of England.
EdwardIVofEngland-Yorkist.jpg Edward IV of England 4 March 1461 9 April 1483 cousin of Henry VI of England. Son of Richard Plantagenet, Duke of York.
Edward V of England.png Edward V of England 9 April 1483 25 June 1483 son of Edward IV of England.
Richard III of England.jpg Richard III of England 26 June 1483 22 August 1485 uncle of Edward V of England. Son of Richard Plantagenet, Duke of York.

House of Tudor

Portrait Name From Until Relationship with predecessor
Henry VII of England.png Henry VII of England 22 August 1485 21 April 1509 maternal great-great-great-grandson of Edward III of England.
Portrait of King Henry VIII.jpg Henry VIII of England 21 April 1509 28 January 1547 son of Henry VII of England.
Edward VI of England.png Edward VI of England 28 January 1547 6 July 1553 son of Henry VIII of England.
Mary I of England.png Mary I of England 19 July 1553 18 November 1558 sister of Edward VI of England, daughter of Henry VIII of England.
Elizabeth I of England.png Elizabeth I of England 18 November 1558 24 March 1603 sister of Mary I of England, daughter of Henry VIII of England.

House of Stuart

Portrait Name From Until Relationship with predecessor
James VI of Scots.jpg James I of England 24 July 1567 27 March 1625 cousin of Elizabeth I of England.
Charles I.jpg Charles I of England 27 March 1625 30 January 1649 son of James I of England


There were no Kings between 1649 and 1660, instead there were two Lords.

House of Stuart

Portrait Name From Until Relationship with predecessor
Charles II (1670s).jpg Charles II of England 30 January 1649 6 February 1685 son of Charles I of England. In exile from 1649 to 1660, during a republican period of government known as the Commonwealth of England.
James II.png James II of England 6 February 1685 13 February 1689 brother of Charles II of England, who died with no legitimate issue. Son of Charles I. Overthrown at the Revolution of 1688.
Queen Mary II.jpg Mary II of England 13 February 1689 28 December 1694 daughter of James II of England, who was still alive and pretending to the throne. Co-monarch was William III & II who outlived his wife.

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  1. In 1801 the Kingdom of Ireland, which had been under English rule since Henry II, became part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland following the Act of Union, which lasted until the secession of Ireland in 1922 and the subsequent renaming of the state to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.