House of Přemyslid

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House of Přemyslid
Přemyslid COA.png
Armorial of Přemyslid
Country Kingdom of Bohemia, Kingdom of Poland, Kingdom of Hungary
Founder Borivoj I, Czech tribal leader.
Final ruler Wenceslaus III of Bohemia
Founding year 870
Ethnicity Bohemian

The House of Přemyslid was said to be founded during the late 9th century by Borivoj I, who had converted to Christianity by Saint Methodius. Their paternal ancestors were a West Slavic group today known as Czechs who were prominent in the region around modern-day Prague.

As vassals of the Holy Roman Empire, the Emperor eventually created them Dukes of Bohemia, after the territory broke-away from Great Moravia. From their Dukedom in Bohemia, they soon gained the Margravate of Moravia. Between 870 and 1198, thirty-three Přemyslid leaders and dukes would rule, before the birth of the Kingdom of Bohemia, created as a reward for their loyal alliance with Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor.

Thereafter the dynasty provided five Kings of Bohemia, from Ottokar I of Bohemia to Wenceslaus III of Bohemia. Upon the death of the latter in 1306 the dynasty was extinguished. He had also been, briefly, King of Poland and King of Hungary, by rights of marriage. The Kingdom of Bohemia then passed to the House of Luxembourg.

Perhaps the most famous member of the dynasty was Wenceslaus I, Duke of Bohemia. He has been canonised as a Christian saint and is considered a martyr. He is known to the wider world, as the character in Good King Wenceslas; a Christmas carol based on his life. Bretislaus I is also noted and was nicknamed the Bohemian Achilles. Later Wenceslaus I, King of Bohemia would help beat back the Mongol invasion of Europe, gaining several military victories.