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Heinz Werner (b. 17 October 1914 in Berlin-Lichtenberg, German Empire; 26 January 1944 by Gatchina/Gattschina, Russia) was a German officer of the Wehrmacht, at last Major and recipient of the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross in World War II.

World War II

Geschichte des Artillerie Regiment 240 in der 170 Infanterie-Division 1939 - 1945.jpg

Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross

The following newspaper article (dated 19 June 1944) describes why Major Werner, commander of the 1st Battalion of the 240th Artillery Regiment, received the Knight’s Cross:

“The Knight’s Cross After a Heroic Death:
Major Heinz Werner (…) commanded an Abteilung in the Artillerie-Regiment of a Hamburg Infanterie-Division during the fighting south of Leningrad. Here he and his guns were employed in the foremost line without any infantry support in order to secure a frontline gap. His gunners were able to inflict tremendous losses on the oncoming Bolsheviks (mostly via direct fire), however strong Soviet forces nonetheless managed to close the gap and eject the defenders from their position following a bitter fight. Major Werner (who was not at the positions of his batteries while he was himself directing their artillery fire) immediately decided to recapture the lost artillery pieces, and so he sallied forth with whatever soldiers were at his disposal (including his own observers and Abteilung staff). After a fearsome and challenging battle the guns were eventually recovered, thereafter being immediately inserted into the defensive combat once again.
Major Werner’s phenomenal bravery here was decisive for this successful outcome, and although he died a hero’s death shortly afterwards his actions have been recognized with the award of the Knight’s Cross.”


Major Werner fell on 26 January 1944 in Woshessenskoje 8 kilometers south of Gatschina. He was buried in Luga. The war grave was later, contrary to international law, leveled by the Russians. He has still not been identified and/or recovered by the Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge as of 2022.[1]

Awards and decorations


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