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Gustav Franz Wagner (1911 – 1980) was an SS officer and a deputy commander at the Sobibor camp.

After the war, he escaped to Brazil with Franz Stangl. In 1978, he was arrested, but extradition requests were rejected. In 1980, he allegedly committed suicide.

In Brazil when arrested, according to a Brazilian newspaper, Wagner stated to the police that he saw no gas chambers at Sobibor. There is a dispute regarding what Wagner said on various occasions on alleged killings more generally at the camp. Revisionists argue that the sources are second-hand or third-hand and unclear, but that Wagner may have stated that some deaths/killings occurred either at the camp and/or among those deported from it, but that this is not the same as the camp being a "pure extermination camp", and the existence of some non-genocidal deaths/killings do not contradict the revisionist view.[1]

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