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Expo is a Swedish "anti-racist" and pro-immigration organization and lobby group somewhat similar to the Southern Poverty Law Center and Searchlight. At least initially, it was very closely associated with Swedish far-left, communist, social anarchist, and openly violently criminal organizations such as antifa. There are also close associations with wealthy Jews and Jewish organizations.

One well-known founder of Expo was the Trotskyist Stieg Larsson, the writer of the Millennium series of novels, and involved in various controversies and crimes. See the article on Stieg Larsson.

One of Larsson's close associates and also involved in Expo was the Korean and convicted criminal Tobias Hübinette who has stated "Let the White race's Western land go under in blood and suffering."[1]

Expo gathers and publishes alleged information on disliked individuals and organizations. This also on organizations and individuals that are explicitly anti-racist and race denialist but want to reduce immigration, such as the Sweden Democrats. The publishing includes material gained by someone(s) through illegal methods such as hacking. Such publications may be followed by a variety of consequences for the individuals "outed" such as being fired or being criminally attacked by far leftists. Specific propaganda methods includes a website, a magazine, and a large scale program of giving speeches and courses to groups such as school students and journalists. Expo is very often consulted on its opinions whenever the politically correct media describes the "far right" and the opinions of Expo are then frequently restated as undisputed facts in the media descriptions.

Frequently used propaganda techniques are ad hominem and guilt by association by attaching labels such as "neo-Nazi" (even when the individual/organization explicitly rejects being National Socialist) and then demanding censorship and ostracism. Expo avoids discussing the factual arguments of their opponents.

Swedish Metapedia has an extensive article on Expo.

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