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Stieg Larsson (1954 - 2004) was a Swedish Communist, journalist, author, and a founder of the "antiracist" and pro-immigration Expo foundation.

Larsson was a Trotskyist Communist who wrote for various Communist newspapers.

In 1969, he watched while several of his comrades raped a young girl without attempting to stop the rape.[1]

In 1977, he was in Africa (Eritrea) and educated the Communist Eritrean People's Liberation Front in the use of mortars. The group later implemented a Communist dictatorship in Eritrea.[2]

Larson was one of the founder of the "antiracist" and pro-immigration Expo foundation. Others involved in this included Trotskyists, convicted criminals, and/or antifa associates.[2]

One of Larsson's close associates and also involved in Expo was the Korean and convicted criminal Tobias Hübinette who has stated "Let the White race's Western land go under in blood and suffering."[3]

Larsson was also a writer for the similarly far leftist Searchlight.

Even Larsson's friend Kurdo Baksi, after Larsson's death, in the book Min vän Stieg Larsson ("My friend Stieg Larsson"), harshly criticized Larsson on various issues, such as lacking objectivity, difficulty with facts, propaganda writing, and treating those working at Expo so badly that some developed psychological problems.[2][1]

To the general public, he may be most known as the author of the internationally bestselling Millennium series of novels. These were first rejected by book publishers. However, after his death, they were published posthumously. Critics have argued that Jewish contacts eventually helped in publishing and promoting the books. Large sums of money have been given by relatives of Larsson to Expo.[2]