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Dr. jur. Erhard Wetzel, Ministerialrat im RMfdbO

Erhard Wetzel (also known as Alfred Wetzel or Ernst Wetzel; b. 7 July 1903 in Stettin, Kingdom of Prussia, German Empire; d. 24 December 1975 in Hannover, West Germany) was the head of the Race-Political Office of the NSDAP, but was transferred in 1941 to Alfred Rosenberg’s Ministry for the East (Reich Ministry for the Occupied Eastern Territories; RMfdbO), where he served as the expert for Jewish affair. From February to May 1945, during the Battle of Berlin in WWII, he fought in the Volkssturm in Potsdam and was captured by the Red Army.



There is an alleged draft (Nuremberg trials document number NO-365) of a 1941 letter allegedly initialed by Wetzel and addressed to Hinrich Lohse, Reichskommissar for Ostland. The draft is sometimes cited as evidence for the politically correct view on the Holocaust and in particular for the alleged gas killings. Thus, one statement in the draft is that "there are no objections if the Jews who are not capable of work are eliminated with the Brackian remedy" (the last words are sometimes instead translated as "Brack remedy", "Brack’s device", etc). This is argued to be a reference to Viktor Brack and gas killings.

Holocaust revisionists have argued that there is no evidence that the draft was sent, that its authenticity is dubious, that the three people mentioned in it after the war rejected that they had discussed gas killings with Wetzel, that Wetzel despite his alleged involvement in the Holocaust and other atrocities strangely became immune from prosecution, as well as other objections.[1][2][3][4]

Another alleged document by Wetzel is related to "Generalplan Ost". See Lebensraum: "Generalplan Ost".


  • Der Ausschluß von Vereinsmitgliedern, insbesondere die Frage seiner gerichtlichen Nachprüfung in Literatur und Rechtsprechung. Weiße Ritter Voggenreiter, Potsdam 1928 (Dissertation, Universität Göttingen)

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