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Four of the most important people in British politics: part-Jewish & part-Turkish Boris Johnson, former Prime Minister, Pakistani Muslim Sajid Javid, former Chancellor, Indian Hindu Priti Patel, former Home Secretary, and (not shown here) Jewish Dominic Raab, former Deputy Prime Minister as well as Secretary of State for Justice, are all devout members of Conservative Friends of Israel.[1][2]

Conservative Friends of Israel is a subversive Zionist lobby group in the United Kingdom consisting of Conservative Party Members of Parliament, and others, which works for the interests of a foreign state[3] whose leaders and their friends had been terrorists who murdered in cold blood British men women and children during the Palestine Mandate[4]. Membership of such a group is considered by real conservatives as a betrayal of Britain.

Stuart Polak, who had been a youth officer at the Edgware United Synagogue, northwest London, and served as an officer on the Board of Deputies of British Jews in the 1980s, joined the Conservative Friends of Israel in 1989 and served as its Director for twenty-six years, until August 2015; he now serves as its honorary President. He also serves as chairman of TWC Associates and as a senior consultant to Jardine Lloyd Thompson, the British multinational corporation. Needless to say the fake Conservative Party's Prime Minister, David Cameron, nominated him for a CBE and a Life Peerage in 2015.[5]

In July 2019, Israeli art dealer Ehud Sheleg was nominated a Knight Bachelor in the Prime Minister's Resignation Honours and was named by Boris Johnson as the new Treasurer of the Conservative Party. Sheleg had made significant dponations to the Party.[6][7] In April 2021, he completed his tenure as Treasurer and was succeeded by Ugandan Asian Malik Karim.

In February 2024 the UK's Conservative Government set aside 72 million pounds sterling to fund "security" for Jews.[8]

In early April 2024 former Cabinet Minister Alan Duncan named and attacked Parliamentarians who were members of Conservative Friends of Israel saying the CFI was being used to "exercise the interests of another country" by lobbying for Israel.[9]