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Cecil John Rhodes (5 July 1853 – 26 March 1902) was a British businessman, mining magnate, and politician in southern Africa. He was prime minister of the Cape Colony (in present day South Africa) between 1890 and 1896. An ardent believer in the British Empire, Rhodes and his British South Africa Company founded the southern African territory of Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe and Zambia), which the company named after him. By his will, he established the Rhodes scholarships at Oxford.

There are various criticisms, such as regarding now less politically correct racial views, stated White supremacism, colonialism, and the Second Boer War.

There have been various politically correct campaigns to remove memorials to Rhodes. However, some claims have been stated to be "misinformation".[1]

Cecil Rhodes founded the Establishment, described as essentially a secret society, in the mid 1880s. It and later developments have been involved in various controversies, such as regarding Jewish influence. See the "External links" section.

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