Alfred Dieterich

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Alfred Dieterich
Birth date 28 September 1862(1862-09-28)
Place of birth Pasewalk, Province of Pomerania, Kingdom of Prussia, German Confederation
Death date 1948
Place of death Allied-occupied Germany
Allegiance Germany Prussian Eagle.jpg Kingdom of Prussia
 German Empire
 Weimar Republic
Service/branch War and service flag of Prussia (1895–1918).png Prussian Army
Iron Cross of the Luftstreitkräfte.png Imperial German Army
Freikorps Flag.jpg Freikorps
War Ensign of the Reichswehr, 1919 - 1935.png Preliminary Reichswehr
Years of service 1881–1919/20
Rank Generalleutnant z. D./a. D.
Battles/wars World War I
Awards Iron Cross
Prussian Order of the Crown
Red Eagle Order
Relations ∞ Frau Dieterich, née Emmel
Other work Military historian, author

Alfred Eugen Richard Felix Dieterich (28 September 1862 – 1948) was a German officer of the Prussian Army, the Imperial German Army and the preliminary Reichswehr, finally Lieutenant General (Generalleutnant) and brigade commander in WWI.


Geschichte des Grenadierregiments König Friedrich der Große (3. Ostpreußisches) Nr. 4.png

Alfred was born the son of the lawyer and notary Justizrat (judicial councilor, title since April 1862) Dieterich and his wife, née Hannemann. His father was transferred to Stargard on 30 August 1850 where he was judicial assessor with the district court and at the same time court commissioner, later district judge (Kreisrichter) in Nörenberg. He was later transferred to the district court in Küstrin, then to the district court in Pasewalk (at the same time with the district court in Königsberg in der Neumark) and in June 1870 was transferred to the district court in Demmin, subordinated to the state court in Greifswald.

After his Abitur (Easter 1881), Alfred Dieterich joined the 3. Ostpreußisches Grenadier-Regiment Nr. 4 of the Prussian Army on 29 April 1881. The regimnet was renamed to Grenadier-Regiment "König Friedrich II." (3. Ostpreußisches) Nr. 4 on 27 January 1889 and to Grenadier-Regiment "König Friedrich der Große" (3. Ostpreußisches) Nr. 4 on 7 September 1901.


  • 10.11.1885 to 30.9.1888: Adjutant of the I. Bataillon/3. Ostpreußisches Grenadier-Regiment Nr. 4
  • 1.10.1888 to 30.9.1891: Adjutant of the Landwehr-District Allenstein
  • 1.10.1893 to 13.7.1895: Adjutant ofthe Grenadier-Regiment "König Friedrich II." (3. Ostpreußisches) Nr. 4
  • 27.9.1893 to 18.10.1893: Commanded to the General Staff Trip of the I. Army Corps
  • 14.7.1895: Adjutant of the 25. Infanterie-Brigade
  • 10.9.1898: Transferred to the 7. Thüringisches Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 96
  • 23.9.1898: Commander of the 10th Company/7. Thüringisches Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 96
  • 22.4.1902: Adjutant of the 16. Division
  • 21.5.1906: Commander of the II. Bataillons/Infanterie-Regiment "von Coubière" (2. Posensches) Nr. 19
  • 21.4.1911: Transferred to the staff of the Leib-Grenadier-Regiment "König Friedrich Wilhelm III." (1. Brandenburgisches) Nr. 8
  • 20.2.1912: Commander of the Landwehr-District Berlin I
  • 2.8.1914: Start of WWI
  • 27.08.1914: Commander of the 6. Rheinisches Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 68
  • 24.12.1914: Commander of the 79. Reserve-Infanterie-Brigade
  • 26.4.1917: Commander of the 6. Reserve-Division
  • 29.1.1919: Commander of the 9. Infanterie-Brigade (Grenzschutz Ost)
  • 10.10.1919: Retired and placed at disposal of the army (zur Disposition gestellt)[1]


  • 29.4.1881:Fahnenjunker (Officer Candidate)
  • 15.11.1881: Fähnrich (Officer Cadet)
  • 13.9.1882: Sekonde-Leutnant (2nd Lieutenant)
  • 22.3.1891: Premier-Leutnant (1st Lieutenant)
  • 27.1.1896: Hauptmann (Captain)
  • 27.1.1904 Major
  • 20.3.1911: Oberstleutnant (Lieutenant Colonel)
  • 10.9.1913: Oberst (Colonel) with Patent from 1.10.1913
  • 27.1.1917: Generalmajor
  • 10.10.1919: Charakter als Generalleutnant (honorary Lieutenant General)
  • 1.4.1920: Generalleutnant a. D. (retired active Lieutenant General)

Awards and decorations

Writings (excerpt)


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