Adam Kaus

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Adam Kaus
L.BAU Luftwaffe Construction Workers Badge.jpg
Birth date 1 October 1880(1880-10-01)
Place of birth Darmstadt, Grand Duchy of Hesse, German Empire
Death date 8 November 1941 (aged 61)
Place of death Bucharest, Romania
Allegiance  German Empire
 National Socialist Germany
Service/branch War and service flag of Prussia (1895–1918).png Prussian Army
Iron Cross of the Luftstreitkräfte.png Imperial German Army
SA-Logo.png Sturmabteilung
Luftwaffe eagle.jpg Luftwaffe
Rank Hauptmann der Reserve
Battles/wars World War I
World War II
Awards Iron Cross
House Order of Hohenzollern
Relations ∞ Hedwig Buschmann; multiple children
Other work Graduate engineer and Regierungsbaumeister

Adam Kaus (1 October 1880 – 8 November 1941) was a German officer of the Prussian Army, the Imperial German Army and the Wehrmacht, finally Major in World War II as well as graduate engineer and government builder.


After his Abitur and his studies (Civil Engineering) at the Technische Hochschule Darmstadt, he passed his state preliminary examination (Staatsvorprüfung) in 1903 and his state examination (Staatsprüfung) in 1904, receiving the degree Diplom-Ingenieur.[1] He completed his compulsory military service as a one-year volunteer (Einjährig-Freiwilliger) with the 5. Großherzoglich Hessisches Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 168, where he became a 2nd Lieutenant of the Reserves.

He was occupied in Darmstadt, Hirschberg and finally Berlin. For WWI, he was reactivated (Oberleutnant der Reserve) and served most of the war in the 5. Großherzoglich Hessisches Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 168 and in the Großherzoglich-Hessisches Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 254, but also Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment 252 of Thuringia. In February 1915, he was severly wounded and was even reported as for a short time.[2] After the war, being discharged as a Hauptmann d. R., he returned to his beloved occupation and took over the Gelsenkirchen factory of his deceased father-in-law in 1924. He lived with his family in the Hans-Schemm-Straße 39 (now Robert-Koch-Straße).

In WWII, he was reactivated as a reserves officer of the Luftwaffe und took over command of the Luftwaffen-Bau-Bataillon 17./IV. The Luftwaffe construction battalions were formed as battalion staffs to lead the independent Luftwaffe construction companies. Their numbering consisted of a sequential number and the respective air district. The Luftwaffe construction battalion 17./IV was thus the 17th battalion of the Luftgau IV. The battalions were usually deployed in companies, the deployment was mostly at air bases, field airfields, anti-aircraft positions and other Luftwaffe facilities in order to set them up and maintain them or repair damage after attacks.[3]


Major and Regierungsbaumeister Dipl.-Ing. Kaus was severely wounded on the Eastern Front and died in the military hospital Luftwaffen-Lazarett Bukarest on 8 November 1941. He was buried in the German military cemetery "Pro Patria" in Bucharest; Final grave location: Block H, Row 9, Grave 49.

Awards and decorations (excerpt)



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