A Life in the Political Wilderness

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A Life in the Political Wilderness
Author(s) Welf Herfurth
Language English
Publisher Finis Mundi Press
Publication year 2011
Pages 240
ISBN 978-9898336279

A Life in the Political Wilderness is a 2011 book by Welf Herfurth, who eventually became an Australian National-Anarchist. Others involved in the book were Tim Johnstone (Contributor), Tomislav Sunic (Introduction), and Troy Southgate (Introduction).

The book states several unusual nationalist views, such that nationalists should primarily focus on economic issues. Jared Taylor has written that "He has studied deeply, he writes well, his insights are sometimes brilliant, and he is not afraid to cast aside even the most fundamental notions about how Western societies should be run. I think his conclusions — even his assumptions — are almost always dead wrong, but A Life in the Political Wilderness is still one of the most provocative essays on practical racial politics to appear in some time."[1]

Publisher description

"Welf Herfurth was born in 1962 in Goslar, Germany, when he was 14 he moved with his parents to Iran for several years were he lived through the Islamic revolution. After returning to Germany, he joined the youth wing of the NPD and became a member of the National Executive. As an activist and a skilled organiser he built one of the largest JN groups in his area and served in several school and technical collages representation committees. He was one of the few JN and NPD members in Germany that hold such positions.

In 1987 he settled in Sydney/Australia where he married and had two children, he joined the Australian Democrats, a libertarian political party and was member of the NSW state executive for a short while until leaving the party due to political differences and joining One Nation, a rising political force in Australia at the time, and again became a member of the NSW state executive and a close associate of senator David Oldfield.

Welf Herfurth has given up party politics and is a founder, organiser and chairman of the Sydney Forum, one of the longest ongoing political forums in Australia. He is also active in several community volunteer organisations. He has addressed numerous political groups in Australia, USA and Europe, spreading the ideology of National-Anarchism, Anti-Globalisation and the right of people to self-determination and preserving their culture. His writings appeared in many publications worldwide and he is a much sort after speaker, this is the very first time all his essays are collected into a single volume."

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