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Hitler's Second Book (German: Zweites Buch), was first unofficially published in English as Hitler's Secret Book, and then officially as Hitler's Second Book, is a claimed unedited transcript of Adolf Hitler's thoughts on foreign policy, supposedly written in 1928, after Mein Kampf and never published in Hitler's lifetime. Albert Speer mentioned this unpublished manuscript in Spandau - The Secret Diaries.

Questioned authenticity

Also some revisionists have accepted the Zweites Buch as being authored by Hitler, as well as the published version not having being edited by others. Other revisionists have been skeptical, as it was not discovered and published until after the war by its "editor" the Jewish Gerhard L. Weinberg, with several Jews being involved.[1][2] Weinberg's family had lived in the USA since September 1940 after emigrating from Germany. He is a very suspect character as his first job involved working on German documents looted by the US forces and occupying administration in Germany. He organized and directed a project of microfilming the German documents. It was, he suggests, at that time that he located, identified, and subsequently published in Germany, in 1961, Hitler's Second Book. Enigma Books in New York City produced the first English-language edition[3] in 2003.

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