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Scrivener (born in the latter half of the Twentieth Century) is an editor and writer for the English/International version of Metapedia. This user's areas of particular knowledge include History, Law, Biblical Literature, Mythology, English Grammar, and certain Scientific subjects.


Scrivener is a twelfth generation American of English, Scotch-Irish, and Scottish descent with a Protestant Christian upbringing and a paleoconservative political ideology. Having completed both a formal liberal arts and a legal education, Scrivener’s interest now lies in discovering and disseminating the truth whether or not it is popular—specifically, truths that are of particular use to Anglo and European Americans trying to classify information within their own cultural perspective. After witnessing rampant Wikipedian abuse of NPOV rules resulting in actual bias against uncomfortable facts, Scrivener left that community to join Metapedia and help to make it a world-class encyclopedia worthy of the civilization that makes its existence possible.

Metapedia Policy

Scrivener views Metapedia as a viable intelligence resource for European peoples interested in learning about their heritage and about the threats posed to them by non-European cultural competition. Because of the recent acceleration of non-European immigration into European heartlands and the resulting displacement, Scrivener tends to focus more on conflict-related intelligence. At the same time, this editor believes that information about European history, culture, and achievement written from a European viewpoint (and not filtered through the lens of multiculturalism) is important to the self-image of European peoples and, therefore, should not be neglected.

Words to Ponder

Tolerance and apathy are the first signs of a dying society.

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