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Social conservatism is a stated form of conservatism. Leftist Wikipedia claims that it (or the term) rose in the late 1900s in the United States, making various dubious claims regarding claimed characteristics and claimed associated individuals and organizations. It is described as supportive of certain "social" values, often associated with ("Judeo-Christian") religion.

Some of these views may be popular amongst voters and therefore popular to state by politicians, but with dubious actual support by elected politicians (except if having support by groups such as the Israel lobby), considering the often actual liberal societal trends on such issues. See also Conservatism Inc.

Possibly especially in the United States, it may be contrasted with "fiscal conservatism", more concerned with economic issues, supposedly especially "fiscal" issues, but often supporting economic classical liberal/libertarian views. One group of "fiscal conservatives" is stated to mainly emphasize tax cuts.

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