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Silesians are ethnic Germans who lived in Silesia. Historically, Silesia has been populated and cultivated by germanic tribes from Frankonia, Saxonia, Thuringia and Hesse. Afterwards Poles arrived to work mostly in coal mines and factories. Over the centuries the people mingled and a new idiom was created: the silesian dialect. At first Silesia was part of the German Kingdom of Bohemia, afterwards for centuries Silesia became part of Austria and Prussia.

After 1945 Poland occupied Silesia and most of the people were murdered or driven out. However, a few Silesians were saved to manage the factories and forced to speak Polish. Since 1990 some Silesians have remembered their German roots and wish to renew the German silesian dialect.

Konrad Adenauer in 1953 to the homeless Silesians:
"You will all be back in your homeland someday":