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The Russian Civil War was a conflict in Russia which took place between 1917 and 1923. It was primarily between the Bolsheviks (whose leadership consisted almost completely of Jews), who had illegally captured St. Petersburg, including the Red Army terrorist group created by Leon Trotsky and on the other side, the White Russians, the loosely-allied anti-Bolshevik forces. The conflict also included various international players. It rapidly intensified after the usurpation of the Russian Constituent Assembly by the Bolsheviks in January 1918, and them signing the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk with Germany in March 1918.

Many foreign armies also participated, and additionally many foreigners volunteered to fight on one or other of the sides. The largest foreign intervention was Japan's, which involved 70,000 men, nominally in support of the Whites but to a large extent pursuing Japanese expansionist goals in the Russian Far East in operations which were detrimental to both sides. Other forces included various nationalist and regional movements such as the Ukrainian nationalist Green Army, other political movements such as the Ukrainian anarchist Black Army, and independent warlords such as Baron von Ungern-Sternberg. These forces sometimes fought against both Reds and Whites, sometimes sided with one of the two, and sometimes switched sides. Additionally the warring sides spilled over Russia's borders into Persia and Mongolia.

In Soviet historiography the end of the Civil War is dated to October 25, 1922 when the Red Army occupied Vladivostok, previously held by the Provisional Priamur Government. The last enclave of the White Forces was the Ayano-Maysky District on the Pacific coast, where General Anatoly Pepelyayev did not capitulate until June 17, 1923.

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