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Rotherham is a large town in South Yorkshire, England, which together with its surrounding settlements form the Metropolitan Borough of Rotherham, with an estimated population of 257,800 in 2011. Historically within the West Riding of Yorkshire, it lies on the River Don, at its confluence with the River Rother, between Sheffield and Doncaster. Rotherham is 6 miles from Sheffield City Centre and forms part of the Sheffield urban area.

Immigrants rape children

A gang of seven men has been convicted of sexually exploiting vulnerable teenage girls in Rotherham.jpg
1,400 non-Muslim children sexually abused & gang raped in Rotherham, UK mostly by Pakistanis.jpg

Between 1997 and 2013, Pakistani immigrants raped over 1,400 young white children in this small town.[1] Many of the rape victims were female and many of it occured in taxis.[2]

Because such a large number of men were involved, this industrial-scale-rape of children had to have been common knowledge within the Pakistani community. However, since Pakistani are a very tight-knit culture where they put their own kin above others, no matter what, they did not care about other ethnic groups, and let them be raped because they weren't pakis.[3]

Girls as young as 13 also were giving birth to mongrel children do to these rapes. While some had abortions, over a hundred of these rape-mongrels were born. One 14-year-old girl even gave birth twice from the same attacker. Police refused to even investigate the attacks due to powerful nonwhite immigrant privilege.[4]

The social workers who knew of it were prevented from fear of being branded a "racist" which in the UK results in firing from one's job and often prison time. An unnamed female youth worker tried to stop this and her boss said, “You can’t say that, it’s racist!” She no longer works there anymore--whether she quit or was fired is unknown.[2] However many of the same social workers who knowingly did nothing also stole children from healthy, happy white homes in that town if the parents supported the UKIP party. Joyce Thacker, who became Director of Children’s Services in Rotherham in 2008, is known as one of the four top people responsible for allowing the flood of child rapes by Pakistani and she personally kidnapped children from healthy, happy white foster homes in that town if the parents supported the UKIP party.[5]

One researcher in 2001 reported this evidence to her bosses. Her bosses refused to act on the evidence and sent her to a "ethnicity and diversity course", an Orwellian re-education camp.[6] Another researcher who tried to expose it was threatened by police who came to her car at night and threatened her with harm.[7]

Even members of parliament knew about it and they blocked the investigation because “there was a culture of not wanting to rock the multicultural community boat.” Soon after the scandal broke, the government decided it would be racist to keep the child-rapists locked up and released one of them, Mohsin Khan, now free to walk the streets. Senior staff from Rotherham Council also ordered raids on Risky Business, Rotherham council’s specialist youth service, and remove case files and wipe computer records of anything related to the scandal.

CNN and the BBC hid the fact that all the victims were white and then put a Paki race-hustler, Muhbeen Hussain, "Muslim Youth Spokesman" all over the TV to spread propaganda that it was only nonwhites who were the victims. They then showed only white people in the government, trying to imply white people raped them. Also all the news casters were nonwhites too. The media also tries to reframe (cognitive reframing, a psychological technique developed in the 1960s) the industrial-scale-rape by replacing "rape" with "grooming" when it actually was simply rape.[8]

One victim confronted her rapist on the street and police came and took her to jail.[9] The police of the city do not care about the raped girls, rather they are putting all their efforts into stopping the citizens who criticize the rapists especially those who use "hate speech" since it's unlawful to hate nonwhites who rape white girls.[10] In Rotherham whenever a mosque is burglarized, the Muslims get special treatment where it's treated as hate crime (this isn't the case with churches). The 1400 girls raped were targeted because of their race and Rotherham's police never treated any of those crimes as a hate crime.[11]

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