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The Nordic Alliance (Swedish: Nordiska förbundet, Danish/Norwegian: Nordisk forbund) was an identitarian, pan-Nordic organization that strived to build a society within the society, with the goal to uphold the interests of the Nordic peoples and secure their survival.

The Nordic Alliance worked metapolitically with media and publishing activies, lectures and other forms of education. In addition to this, there were also activist orientated tasks on street level. This included selling magazines, subscriber's recruitment and further propaganda distribution.

Nordiska förlaget (The Nordic Publishing House) was the largest retailer and producer of ethnically aware literature and music in the Nordic countries. Other projects that have attracted attention were the magazines Folkets Nyheter (The People’s News) and Nordisk Frihet (Nordic Freedom).

The Internet was also an important medium for the Alliance. The organization spawned projects such as a blog portal for cultural debate (Motpol), a pro-Nordic web community ( and the online alternative encyclopedia Metapedia.

The Nordic Alliance ceased to function as a membership organization in January 2009, and ceased definitively with all activities at the beginning of 2010.

Information from the website

The Nordic Alliance's network is continuously growing. We progressively expand our capacity and involve new high-achieving individuals who share our deep engagement for the future of the Nordic peoples.

As a contributor in the Alliance you share a creative atmosphere along with strong-willed and disciplined persons who are strongly driven by challenges and visions. Most of them are academics, others autodidact. In common for all is the ambition to take part in building a movement that is both modern and with the intent of result, adjusted to meet the challenges of today as well as tomorrow.

In the Nordic Alliance programers and designers, writers and translators, economics and sellers collaborate. Some are official with their engagement, others prefer to have a more reserved profile, something we are fully satisfied with; we see it as a strength to have co-workers with contacts and influence on important society positions. Something that can not always be combined with an official stance for the survival of the Nordic peoples.

The Alliance strive for demolishing the political correctness, upheave society and engender a Nordic future. We want to write history. If this is a challenge that sounds appealing to you, if you're willing to take your responsibility and at the same time learn things and establish contacts who you may benefit from in civil life, you're welcome to take the first step by emailing us at

In your e-mail we would like to hear your point of view concerning society and how you first heard about the Nordic Alliance. Tell us about yourself.

What type of character are you? What type of occupations are you experienced with? What are your strong and weak sides? What's your previous experiences and what can you provide for the Alliance?

You can also support our important work through paying a fee for sympathizers that for the time being amount to 200 SEK per year.

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