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Motpol is a Conservative think-tank intended to countervail the streamlined and narrow public discourse in Scandinavia. Their website features several well-known conservative and traditionalist writers from Sweden.

Motpol's Description

Motpol is a conservative think-tank.

The term Motpol, in Swedish, refers to “the other pole” – meaning that this site attempts to represent the opposite pole of Swedish and European political and cultural thought, in opposition to the currently prevailing pole of liberalism, nihilism and decadence.

Its primary objectives are two-fold:

1. To raise awareness of cultural forms and ideas largely neglected by the ever-narrowing Swedish and Western public sphere.

2. To serve as a forum for the presentation and discussion of innovative political ideologies, theories and praxis.

The contributors to Motpol have varying backgrounds and write from different perspectives. All, however, share certain concerns and have a common outlook.

Concerning reality in general:

1. There is a difference between reality and perceived reality. Truth and falsehood are not always obvious, but always there.

2. The ideological principles underlying European civilization at present are lacking, and often erroneous.

3. Alternatives to our current sociological problems should be sought in European history and in mankind’s traditional roots, as well as in the possibilities offered by modern science and philosophy. A synthesis is possible without compromising either.

4. A healthy society is the product of the collective thoughts and actions of previous and present generations alike. It also requires the wise and forward-thinking allocation of those resources which, for better or worse, have been harnessed and exploited by the technological and scientific innovations of the last few centuries.

Concerning ethnicity and nationality:

1. Every ethnic group and community has the right to some form of autonomous existence of a nature which it is for them to decide, and to be met with proper respect. From this, however, it does not follow that any group or community has the right to colonize, intrude upon or otherwise harm other ethnic groups. Respect presupposes mutuality.

2. The peoples of Europe, regardless of the multitudinous ways of defining who and what they are, exist and have a right to exist. The fact that this even needs to be stated reveals much about the quixotic premises that guide much of the current discussion of ethnicity in Europe. 3.Insults and aggression directed toward religious or ethnic groups offer nothing constructive in terms of a positive political platform, and have no place in meaningful political discourse. From this it does not follow that any ethnic or religious group can reasonably expect to be held beyond relevant criticism, or that the massive social problems caused by mass immigration in Europe in recent decades should be swept under the rug.

Concerning our view on political discourse:

1. It is never wrong in and of itself to discuss any topic, regardless of how sensitive or problematic it may be. This does not mean, however, that we defend the view that all opinions are equal, or even acceptable, nor that certain discussions should lack normative regulations, or that anything can be said in any context. However, we maintain that anyone who is correct about something can demonstrate it objectively, and that only the propagandist feels the need to silence or ignore facts and arguments that run contrary to his/her own.

2. No terms or statements that are intended to invalidate opinions or refute arguments, but do not respond in a factual manner, have any value in serious discussion. Arguing by primarily judging another person or his/her opinions reveals a lack of substance in one’s own point of view. This holds equally for accusations of “racism,”, “islamophilia,” “anti-whiteness” or “anti-Semitism.” Certainly some of these terms may be accurately applied to various individuals or views, but this is irrelevant to discussions that concern real issues. Motpol wishes to focus on actual issues.

3. Europe in general, and Sweden in particular, are in dire need of redefining the premises of public discourse. Propaganda and simplistic slogans on all ends of the political spectrum have largely displaced serious discussion of numerous issues of paramount importance to the future of our societies. This has created vast, almost insurmountable, problems. Motpol has the ambition to be part of the solution.

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