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Nordiska förlagets logo.
Nordiska förlagets latest catalogue.
Book table at the "Autumn fest" in Helsingborg 2005.
Advertisement in the Swedish nationalist magazine Nordisk Frihet.

Nordiska förlaget (eng. The Nordic publishing company) is a Swedish nationalist book publisher and record label. The company was founded in 2001 and is the largest within its niche in Scandinavia. Since 2004 it is a part of the network surrounding Nordic Alliance (swe: Nordiska förbundet).

The company also publishes the tabloid newspaper Folkets Nyheter and the magazine Nordisk Frihet.

Information from their website

Nordiska förlaget is a company which is run with two basic purposes: to educate and inspire the Nordic peoples.

The educational part consists primarily of the publishing and distribution of books. For example, there are continuous efforts of translating foreign literary works that will never be published by any of the larger publishing houses in Sweden, not because these works of literature are low in quality or sale value, but due to their controversial contents. We also offer a possibility for Swedish authors, who are too outspoken fot the large publishing houses, to have their books published by us.

The inspirational part consists partly of the books, partly of a production and distribution of CD:s. As when it comes to the books, we are focusing on records that can influence the listener to a more positive way of thinking, but whose texts are too controversial for the large record companies. We have the possibility to sign musicians who would not have much to gain with these record companies, without violating their artistic freedom. Because young people are large consumers of music, it is only natural that a considerable share of what Nordiska förlaget has to offer is aimed towards a younger audience.

We strive to always expand our selection of books, records and other media products. But we will exclusively offer products for sale that are consistent with the goals of Nordiska förlaget — products that can educate and inspire our customers.

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