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Metapolitics, as used by the European New Right, is a term for disseminating ideas and values, in the long-term aiming to cause fundamental political changes.

It often refers not to the short-term political propaganda of specific political parties, but to more long-term dissemination by more indirect organizations, such as think-thanks and societies, such as GRECE and Motpol.

Daniel Friberg has stated that "Metapolitics on the other hand refers to a kind of action aimed at changing the political tendencies of individuals, by changing the worldview of society as a whole. The strategy of metapolitics, as I outline in my book, originated with the work of Antonio Gramsci, an Italian communist who wrote a series of notebooks while in prison in Fascist Italy, in which he concluded that communism had failed in Italy because it had occupied itself too much with politics and not enough with culture. This insight led to the development of the Frankfurt School and all the epochal changes which that School brought. The strategies and the tools of metapolitics can and must be used by the Right as well, and this includes work on many different levels – everything from publishing the kinds of books that Arktos offers, to providing podcasts, articles and interviews like the present one, to having debates with your family and friends, to trolling on the internet. What is important is that everyone finds a way of joining the struggle, whether publicly or privately, to shift the present worldview."[1]

The word "metapolitics" may also have other, unrelated meanings, such as in linguistic/philosophical discussions about politics, similar to terms such as metaphysics, metamathematics, metascience, and metatheory.

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