Max Hansen

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Max Hansen
Bundesarchiv Bild 183-J12779, Max Hansen.jpg
Birth date 31 July 1908(1908-07-31)
Place of birth Niebüll, German Empire
Death date 7 March 1990(1990-03-07)
Place of death Niebüll, Germany
Allegiance  National Socialist Germany
Service/branch Flag Schutzstaffel.png Waffen SS
Years of service 1933–1945
Rank SS-Standartenführer
Unit 1st SS Division Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler
Commands held 8th Company LSSAH
II./1st Panzer Grenadier Regiment LSSAH
1st Panzer Grenadier Regiment LSSAH
Battles/wars World War II
Awards Knights Cross with Oakleaves
German Cross in Gold
Close Combat Clasp in Gold

Max Hansen (b. 31 July 1908 in Niebüll, Province of Schleswig-Holstein, German Empire; d. 7 March 1990 in Niebüll, Schleswig-Holstein, FRG) was a German officer of the SS and Waffen-SS, at last SS-Standartenführer (Colonel) and recipient of the Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves in World War II.


SS-Sturmbannführer Max Hansen in 1943
Ritterkreuzträger SS-Sturmbannführer Hansen beobachtet das Vorgehen seine SS-Panzergrenadiere, 13. Dezember 1943.jpg
Max Hansen, Orden und Ehrenzeichen.jpg

Early life

Hansen was born on the 31 July 1908 at Niebüll, Germany. Before joining the SS he was apprenticed to a locksmith. His older brother Christian „Cissy“ Johann Hansen also joined the SS

Military career

On 1 March 1931 hHansen joined the NSDAP (NSDAP-Nr.: 478 376) and on 1 August 1931 the SS (SS-Nr.: 27 813). He served in the 3rd Sturm 3/II. Sturmbann/SS-Standarte 50 until 9 May 1933, when he was transfered to the Leibstandarte of the SS-Verfügungstruppe. By 1939 was the commander of the 12th Company in the Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler. In 1941, he was awarded the German Cross in Gold and promoted to Sturmbannführer (Major). He was given command of the II./1st Panzer Grenadier Regiment LSSAH.[1]

It was whilst commanding this battalion during the Third Battle of Kharkov on 28 March 1943 that Hansen was awarded the Knight's Cross. His battalion broke through to Red Square in Kharkov, conducted house-to-house fighting and opened the way to the city centre, so that the northern part of Kharkov could be taken.[2]

Hansen later went on to command the 1st SS Panzer Grenadier Regiment LSSAH. With his regiment he took part in the Ardennes Offensive and the offensive in Hungary, Operation Spring Awakening in 1945 during which he was awarded the Oak Leaves to his Knight's Cross.[1]


Max Hansen died in the town of his birth on 7 March 1990.[1]

SS-Promotions (day, month, year)



Awards and decorations


  • Iron Cross (1939), 2nd and 1st Class
  • General Assault Badge (Allgemeines Sturmabzeichen) in Silver on 30 October 1940
  • Wound Badge (Verwundetenabzeichen 1939) in Black, Silver and Gold
    • Black in November 1941
    • Silver on 20 April 1942
    • Gold on 25 August 1942
  • War Merit Cross 1939 (Kriegsverdienstkreuz), 2nd Class with Swords
  • Infantry Assault Badge (Infanterie-Sturmabzeichen) in Bronze on 11 March 1942
  • Bulgarian Military Order for Bravery, 4th Class, 1st Grade with Swords (Bulgarischer Militärorden für Tapferkeit, IV. Klasse, I. Stufe mit Schwertern) on 6 July 1942
  • Winter Battle in the East 1941–42 Medal (Ostmedaille)
  • Order of the Crown (Romania), 5th Class (Knight's Cross) with Swords (Orden der Krone von Rumänien, V. Klasse mit Schwertern)
  • Close Combat Clasp (Nahkampfspange) in Silver and Gold
    • Silver on 7 September 1943
    • Gold on 12 March 1945 as SS-Obersturmbannführer and commander (Kommandeur) of the SS-Panzer-Grenadier-Regiment 1 „LSSAH“
  • German Cross in Gold (Deutsches Kreuz in Gold) on 26 or 29 December 1942 as SS-Hauptsturmführer and coammnder (Chef) of the 14th company/Leibstandarte SS „Adolf Hitler“
  • Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves
    • Knight's Cross on 28 March 1943 as SS-Sturmbannführer and commander (Kommandeur) of the II. Bataillon/SS-Panzer-Grenadier-Regiment 1 „LSSAH“/Heeresgruppe Süd
    • Oak Leaves on 17 April 1945 (835th award) as SS-Standartenführer and commander (Kommandeur) of the SS-Panzer-Grenadier-Regiment 1 „LSSAH“/I. SS-Panzer-Korps

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