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Mami's Shit
2016 Logo
Screenshot from 2013
Commercial? No
Type of site Blog
Owner Mami, Zapoper, Delcroix, Foon1e
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Current status Online

Mami's Shit is a file-sharing blog in the Truth movement. It gained its popularity through linking to a variety of internet radio shows, offering ad-free versions and content that would otherwise be behind a paywall. The site allowed for a variety of shows to be downloaded from a single website, removing the inconveniences of listening to ad breaks and obtaining them from their original websites. Some of the alternative media personalities Mami's Shit featured included Charles Giuliani, David Duke, Jeff Rense, Deanna Spingola, John Friend, Kyle Hunt and many others.


The founding members of Mami's Shit were originally members of torrent sites Conspiracy Central and Cybersage, where they uploaded internet radio show torrents on a regular basis. After becoming dissatisfied with this method of disseminating content, Mami's Shit was created in late 2011, with radio shows being uploaded to free filesharing websites such as Kiwi6 and instead.

As the website's popularity grew it experienced a period of sustained troll activity in the form of anonymous post comments, only being addressed when some radio show hosts began to question their association with the site. In 2013 several hosts of Renegade Broadcasting did not want their shows to be linked to from Mami's Shit, such as Mike Sledge, who had a falling out with admin Zapoper. Shaun Surplus fell out with the admins and attacked the site in a podcast in November 2014, and again in April 2015. In September 2015 Rodney Martin of the American Nationalist Network threatened legal action to prevent Charles Giuliani's show Truth Hertz being linked to from the site.


The founding members' were Dave "Grizzom/Mami" (Florida, USA), Stephan "Zapoper" (Quebec, Canada), "Whooli" (USA) and "Rockclimber" (USA). In 2013 Don "Foon1e" (London, UK), "RJ Livegood" (USA) and Joe "Delcroix" (Ireland) were added. Rockclimber, inactive from the beginning, left in 2014. RJ Livegood left in April 2014. "Scorpio" (California, USA) was an admin from November 2014 to March 2016. Whooli left in December 2015.

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