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Map depicting the location of the Holocaust camps.

The Maly Trostenets camp was a Holocaust camp in Belarus. The estimates for the total number of victims vary greatly, from 40,000 to 546,000, with more recent estimates generally being the lower ones. The camp is supposed to have been rather similar to Chelmno in its alleged structure and functioning, with the exception that most of the alleged victims were shot rather than murdered in gas vans.[1][2]

Holocaust revisionists have argued that the camp had two functions: 1) as a minor agricultural labor camp; 2) as a center for the handling of Jewish convoys from the west.[1][2]

The Soviet Extraordinary State Commission that investigated the alleged mass murders at Maly Trostenets was the same commission that falsely proclaimed the Katyn massacre to have been committed by Germans. The wooded area where some of the alleged mass graves where located was the site of choice for executions by the Soviet NKVD prior to the war. The commission allegedly exhumed and examined at most a few hundred corpses, which does not support that many thousands were killed. This has been argued to support that this was another attempt to blame Germany for Soviet atrocities.[3]

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