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Karlsruhe may refer to:

  • SS Karlsruhe (1889), a passenger steamer for North German Lloyd; sold 1908
  • SS Karlsruhe (1905), a cargo steamer for Hamburg America Line; torpedoed and sunk in 1945
  • Karlsruhe, the name from 1928 of the former SS Prinzess Irene, a passenger steamer for North German Lloyd; scrapped 1932
  • SMS Karlsruhe (1912), World War I German light cruiser of the Kaiserliche Marine, launched 1912 (de)
  • SMS Karlsruhe (1916), Königsberg class light cruiser, launched 1916 (de)
  • German cruiser Karlsruhe, 7,200 ton K class light cruiser of the Kriegsmarine, sunk World War II
  • German frigate Karlsruhe (F223), Köln-class frigate of the German Navy of the Bundeswehr, launched 1959, decommissioned 1983
  • German frigate Karlsruhe (F212), Bremen-class (Type 122) frigate, launched 1982, decommissioned 2017
  • Ersatz Karlsruhe, a Cöln class World War I cruiser

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