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Holocaust education can be considered to be parts of Anti-Holocaust revisionism and the Holocaust industry. Besides ideological aspects, there are also commercial aspects, with many individuals and organizations making money from the teaching and related aspects.

Many schools, universities, and other educational institutions in the Western world teach the standardized politically correct version. This may occur at all ages and often repeatedly at different ages.

Besides traditional classroom teaching, this may involve paying "Holocaust survivors" to give speeches, making journeys to the numerous Holocaust museums and the Holocaust camps, and so on.

Notably, visiting Auschwitz is often viewed as particularly important, despite that many Holocaust revisionists have visited Auschwitz and have written detailed criticisms of the politically correct view on the Holocaust based on the Holocaust material evidence at Auschwitz.

In addition, there is an industry of organizations that sell advice to teachers, lobby organizations that lobby for more Holocaust education and more money for this purpose, interest organizations for teachers, and so on.

Criticisms have been raised against the exclusive or predominant focus on only the Holocaust, while ignoring or downplaying atrocities such as those against Germans during and after World War II (see Claimed mass killings of Germans by the WWII Allies article), the killing of 100 million by Communism (see Mass killings under Communist regimes), or specific events such as Lazar Kaganovich starving millions of Ukrainians to death in the Holodomor.

Another aspect is the often very emotional and manipulative methods used in the teaching and that are openly intended to indoctrinate students to have politically correct emotions and feelings. One example is using Holocaust fictional descriptions, such as the movie Schindler's List.

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