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Holocaust camp experiment on prisoners are various alleged experiments on prisoners in some of the Holocaust camps. Holocaust revisionists have regarding some of the alleged experiments argued they did not occur and regarding other experiments argued that they did occur but that there are seldom mentioned aspects.


See the article on Joseph Mengele and the "External links" section there on alleged experiments on prisoners by Mengele at Auschwitz.


The revisionist Germar Rudolf has stated that "in Dachau, as is well-known, medical experiments significant to the war effort were performed upon prisoners by higher orders, for example the search for vaccines against various dangerous diseases or the search for ways and means to insure the survival of pilots who were shot down or shipwrecked sailors, if they were exposed at high altitude to extremely low air pressure or were drifting in cold water for hours. [...]

The incidents might at times have been distorted and exaggerated, but I do not doubt the fact of such experiments, which can hardly be justified morally. [...]

I mean here moral borderline cases, for instance when prisoners sentenced to death in proceedings under the rule of law have the choice either to be executed or to subject themselves to such an experiment. If they survived it, they would be pardoned. That was the usual practice, at least in the beginning. The problem, of course, is how a physician in the Third Reich was able to know whether a prisoner had been justly condemned to death, and how he could know whether he had really volunteered. Or one might consider only the problem that it can seem ethically justifiable to sacrifice some human lives in order to save a large number of other lives, perhaps in the search for vaccines against typhus, of which umpteen thousands were dying at that time.

The acts of German physicians were in any case punished by a U.S. military tribunal after the war, whose findings are based upon an atmosphere poisoned by the emotions and propaganda of that time and which are by no means sacrosanct. I will be going into the conditions of these trials in more detail later. It will then become clear why not everything, which is today regarded as proven because it was “proved” in these trials, has to also be true. But this changes nothing about the fact that there were experiments of that sort. And the report cited here alludes to the fact that there is not only extensive, and, as far as the core of the material is concerned, non-contradictory witness testimony for these experiments with humans, but in addition also many documents that confirm the fact of these experiments. It is quite different, however, with the alleged Dachau gas chamber and its use. There are flatly no supporting documents and also no coherent testimony."[1]

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