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Hans Zehrer (22 June 1899 – 23 August 1966) was a German journalist, part of the Conservative Revolutionary movement.

In 1917, Zehrer volunteered for military service. In the postwar period, he participated in the failed Kapp Putsch. He was married to a Jewish woman until 1938.

Between 1929 and 1933, he edited a leading right-wing journal, Die Tat, and formed the "Tat Circle", stated to have had a considerable influence on public opinion. He disliked National Socialism, Communism, and the Weimar Republic, but is stated to have initially believed that the National Socialists could be manipulated to create his new envisioned society. However, he later revised this, tried to split the left-wing and right-wing parts of the NSDAP and then in 1933 supported a coup d'état by the Reichswehr and Kurt von Schleicher to prevent Hitler taking power. After Hitler took power, he had to resign as editor.

From 1943 to 1945 Zehrer was a soldier in the Luftwaffe, but saw no active service. He worked as a journalist in the postwar period.