Gordon “Jack” Mohr

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Gordon “Jack” Mohr

Gordon Dwight Mohr also known as Jack Mohr (January 1, 1916July 17, 2003) was born in Chicago, Illinois and grew up on a farm in Michigan. He enlisted in the US Army during World War II and later served in the Korean War where he was held as a prisoner of war. During his military career he rose from private first class to company commander. In 1964 he retired as Lieutenant Colonel.

For a period of time he was member of the John Birch Society. He headed the Citizen’s Emergency Defense System which was the militia of the Christian Patriots Defense League which he co-founded with John Robert Harrell.[1] The Citizen’s Emergency Defense System was based in Mohr’s home town of Bay St. Louis, Mississippi.

Mohr was a promoter of Christian Identity religion and a believed in the Protocols.


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