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The Gleiwitz incident was according to politically correct history a 1939 false flag operation by National Socialist Germany, involving a false Polish attack on a German radio station at Gleiwitz, which was then used as a major justification for starting World War II.

Revisionists have disputed many aspects of these claims. One is that the alleged attack was not an important part of the German justification which included argued large scale and increasing persecutions of Germans in Poland, many argued Polish acts of aggression against Germany, and the Polish general mobilization. Neither Hitler, nor Goebbels, nor any other official are argued to have emphasized the Gleiwitz incident to justify the attack on Poland. Furthermore, the only “evidence” for the Gleiwitz radio station attack as a National Socialist operation is argued to consist of an uncorroborated "confession" by a German officer in the hands of the Allies. The Gleiwitz incident is argued to have been a gang of Polish irregulars occupying the radio station before being chased away.[1]


Poland had been given an unconditional guarantee of military assistance by Britain in case of war with Germany. Revisionists argue that elements in Poland sought to exploit this by provoking a war with Germany with the anticipation being that Germany would be defeated and Poland gain German territory.

This would make the start of the Second World War somewhat similar to the start of the First World War in which a Serbian group (the Black Hand) murdered Archduke Franz Ferdinand in order to provoke a war in which Serbia had powerful allies and with the goal of Serbia gaining territory after victory.

Another aspect is that Poland which became independent after the First World War has been argued to during the interwar period intensely discriminate and persecute non-Polish groups such as Germans, Jews, Russians, and Ukrainians with argued motivations such as past discrimination and persecution of Poles, gaining property and other resources, and ethnic cleansing through forced emigration in order to create a more Polish and homogeneous state.[2]

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