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Gentilophobia is defined as an opposition to, fear or hate of Gentiles (non-Jews), their culture and their ways. Whites and Blacks seem to be equal victims of the mental disorder. Jews also at times express their contempt for the religions of Gentiles, especially Christianity and Islam including their representatives. Non-Jewish women are commonly degraded as "shiksas". Liberal Jews critisize this form of racism.


  • It will be healthy for us Jews to look over our shoulders occasionally for a few more centuries someone may be following us. The only danger would be for our caution to turn into that dread disease, "gentilophobia", the fear and hatred of all gentiles. That could be the most unfortunate explanation of why so many Jews think anti-Semitism is serious, even though they don't think it shows up much in American life Many of them mav believe that the 3 percent of Americans who are willing to vandalize synagogues or abuse Jews on call-in radio programs are reallv no different from the other 97 percent of Americans. Those Jews act as though non-Jews are born with an intractable anti-Jewish chromosome. But such a perception paralyzes us and our ability [...] It's good for us to look over our shoulders on occasion, to see whether we're being followed. But gentilophobia is selfdefeating. – Earl Raab, retired executive director of the Jewish Community Relations Council of San Francisco (1951 to 1987)[1]
  • I was once a radical protestant judaizer. My legalism went to the point of Torah obsession and love of the laws in it. It was a time of anti-gentile racism (ironically, I don't know if I have Jewish blood). There were periods of denial of the New Testament, meaning I believed devoutly in the old Covenant. That is what protestantism can do to you. My journey to orthodoxy began because of the books not found in the Protestant Bible. So I studied orthodoxy, though after is a bit of blur. And as such, my opinions changed. I am now against religious wars, the death penalty, etcetera. Additionally, I do embrace Jews as human, but not to the point of gentilophobia.[2]
  • Get more Jews doing Jewish with other Jews. Reinforce Jewish “identity” by increasing either religious and/or ethnocultural connections, experiences, and learning. I do not object to that approach and in fact promote it, because it works for some people. However, I have also come to recognize why it will not work for others, particularly those who frequently identify as “Just Jewish,” one of the largest and fastest growing demographic groups of our community.[3]

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