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Einar Gustaf Vilhelm Åberg (20 April 1890 - 6 oktober 1970) was a Swedish anti-Semitic activist and an early Holocaust revisionist. In 1941, he founded the small Anti-Jewish Action League of Sweden (Swedish: Sveriges Antijudiska Kampförbund), which often consisted only of Åberg. Between 1941 and 1945, he was convicted nine times for related activities, such as for his bookstore having a sign stating that "Jews and half-Jews not allowed here". His activities were one cause for the 1948 Swedish hate speech law (sometimes called "Lex Åberg"). Åberg was the first to be convicted under this law and eventually was convicted six times, including to imprisonment.

The first point of the Anti-Jewish Action League of Sweden statutes read that the goal was "judendomens i Sverige totala förintelse", which politically correct sources, such as Wikipedia, incorrectly translate as "the total annihilation of Jewry in Sweden", when "judendomen" instead correctly translates as Judaism.

Åberg was an early Holocaust revisionist.

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