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Denial is a politically correct drama film on the Irving v Penguin Books and Lipstadt trial.

It is planned to be released on September 30, 2016 which is just before the "film awards season".[1] Politically correct Holocaust dramas are often given various awards. See also Jewish influence: Media

According to IMDb, Hans Stark (who made "confessions" at the Frankfurt Auschwitz trials) will make an appearance. This presumably in a flashback or flashbacks since he was dead at the time of the 2000 trial.

The playwright David Hare has stated that the film is partly a response to Donald Trump.[2]


A trailer has been released which has been criticized:

"There is a crucial misrepresentation at 0:42 in the trailer, where David Irving is represented as saying: "... I've got a thousand dollars to give anyone who can show me a document that proves the Holocaust."
In fact, David Irving never offered $1000 for any document that could "prove the Holocaust."
In 1977 David Irving issued the challenge that he would pay $1000 to anyone who would bring forth a document proving "that Adolf Hitler knew about the mass-liquidation of Western Europe's Jews." Irving's contention was not that there was no Holocaust, but only that Hitler did not know.
David Irving has declared many times (for example during his libel-suit in 2000) that he is "not a Holocaust historian." As an expert on documents relating to Adolf Hitler, however, Irving noticed that there was no documentation that Hitler had ordered or knew about gassings of Jews. Irving's conclusion that Hitler did not know of such doings was thus commensurate with his expertise, while the contention that such doings were never done was beyond his scope, and he thus avoided making that claim."[3]

"Denial the Film" website and videos

The Holocaust revisionist organization CODOH has created a dedicated website criticizing the film. It includes several videos.[4]

“Box-Office Flop”

The film has been described as a “Box-Office Flop” which likely has earned far less than production costs.[5]

Criticisms of the trial

See the article on David Irving and the external links there regarding criticisms of the trial itself.

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