Frankfurt Auschwitz trials

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The Frankfurt Auschwitz trials were a set of trials in 1963-1965 in Frankfurt-on-Main in West Germany of individuals accused of Holocaust crimes at Auschwitz.

"Testimonies" and "confessions" from these trials are sometimes cited as evidence for the politically correct view. Regarding general Holocaust revisionist views on such trial evidence, see Holocaust testimonial evidence and in particular the section on "Trial confessions".

Regarding specific criticisms of the Frankfurt Auschwitz trials, see the "External links" section in this article.

More generally, by 1960, even politically correct historians had abandoned the claim that mass exterminations of Jews by gassing had occurred in the Western Holocaust camps, as discussed in the article on this topic. These dramatic developments regarding the Western Holocaust camps were, however, followed by the widely publicized Eichmann trial (1961) and the Frankfurt Auschwitz trials (1963-1965), which focused public attention on the camps in Poland.

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