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David John Baxter (May 10, 1914 - March 10, 1993)[1] of Colton, California and San Bernardino was a former Socialist Party member and a defendant in America's Great Sedition Trial of 1944. Baxter was an associate of fame socialist leader Upton Sinclair. Sinclair and Baxter eventually became Democrats and supporters of FDR’s New Deal.

Although a Democratic, Baxer would familiarize himself with other ideologies and political views of the day by visiting Communist, Ku Klux Klan and German American Bund events. Baxter eventually became suspicious of Roosevelt and his talk of keeping the nation out of war while taking actions that would lead to American intervention. He started a newsletter to express his concerns.

Baxter organized the Social Republic Society of America, a secret organization essentially fascist in orientation.[2]

Baxter’s attitude toward the war was one of neutrality. When National Socialist Germany and the Soviet Union went to war his reasoned America should stay on the sidelines. He joined the isolationist America First Committee and wrote speeches for some of their leaders.

Baxter was severed from the sedition trial due to his partial deafness.

In 1945 he published The Protestant Newsletter which was formerly called Kings Gazette


  • The Corporate State: A Practical Plan for American Nationalists (1942)
  • Tactics


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