Craig Cobb

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Craig Cobb
Born Craig Paul Cobb
October 9, 1951 (1951-10-09) (age 69)
Maryville, Missouri, U.S.
Residence Leith, North Dakota, U.S.

Paul Craig Cobb (born October 9, 1951) is a White separatist who is attempting to establish an all-White community of like-minded individuals in Leith, North Dakota. Cobb arrived in the tiny community--according to reports a population 16 or 24 including one Black resident--two years ago and in April 2012 began to buy up plots of land later to be sold to fellow White nationalists.[1] Cobb has embraced the concept of Pioneer Little Europe where Whites gather together and from their own White pride communities.

He plans to effectively take over the town with the electoral support from the newcomers. Tom Metzger of the White Aryan Resistance and Alex Linder of VNN have bought property from Craig Cobb.[2]


Craig Cobb is reported to have grown up in a wealthy family and attended a private school in Boston, Massachusetts where he graduated in 1968. After serving in the armed forces he moved to Edmonton, Canada for five years then relocated to Hawaii where he lived for another 25 years and earned a living as a taxi driver. In 2003 he relocated to Frost, West Virginia where he opened a grocery store and subsequently registered a business called “Gray’s Store, Aryan Autographs and 14 Words, L.L.C.”

In late 2005, after receiving an inheritance, he moved to Tallinn, Estonia, where he established Podblanc, and purchased land thirty miles south of the capital where he hoped to establish an “International Office of White Diaspora”. On August 25, 2009 he was issued a ten-year ban from Estonia and deported to Canada, where Cobb claims to hold citizenship, for “endangering state security, public order, public safety, moral standards, health, other public interests” and promoting "racism" [sic]. In June 2010 Cobb was arrested by police in Vancouver but released with a summons, after which he left Canada to return to the United States. As of July 2010, Cobb was living in Flathead Valley, an area in Montana.

In the interview linked here, Craig Cobb describes (near 26:00) how a Christian Identity adherent demanded he convert from Creativity. Because Cobb refused, the man told Cobb's boss about his White nationalist beliefs, and got him fired.

Craig Cobb stated in 2014 that the SPLC had begun a lobbying campaign to re-imprison him.[3]

"14% African"

In a 2013 interview, it was claimed that Craig Cobb was 14% African. This has been criticized as due to a cheap test using junk science, Craig Cobb's physical appearance being incompatible with the claim, and a much more comprehensive and better genetic test in 2015 disproving the claim.[4][5][6]

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