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Christopher John Borsella.

Christopher John Borsella (Italian: Cristogianni Borsella; born June 17, 1979), sometimes known as Caius Marcus Ideus, is an American political activist, writer and alternative media personality. He is from the Bronx in New York and is: 5/8 Italian, 1/4 Russian-Ukrainian, and 1/8 English-Irish. As he puts it, “The blood of the four major ethno-linguistic subgroups of Europe runs through my veins with the confluent force of a mighty river: The Latins, Slavs, Teutons and Celts.”. From 2013 until mid-2014 he was involved with the American Nationalist Network and had a show, first called The Imperian Mandate and then The Nationalist Mandate.

Borsella graduated from the City College of New York (CUNY) with a Masters Degree in History and is a former United Nations staff member. He resigned his position in 2009 citing ethical differences with the UN’s liberal/leftist directorate. Early on Borsella showed interest in Italian identity politics and realised a couple of books, including one through the Dante University Press. This period was marked by Medocentrism, before he developed a more National Pan-European perspective, moving in the same circles as Norman Lowell, Adolph Caso, Constantin von Hoffmeister and others, before his spell with Rodney Martin's American Nationalist Association.


  • On Persecution, Identity and Activism: Aspects of the Italian-American Experience from the Late 19th Century to Today (2005)
  • Fascist Italy: A Concise Historical Narrative (2007)
  • Medocentric: In Acclamation of Brown Humanity (2009)
  • Six Trotskyite Lies Every Would-Be Radical Should Know (2009)
  • The Imperian Manifesto: A Doctrine for the Coming of a God, a Government and a New Age (2010)

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