Animal Farm

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Animal Farm
AnimalFarm 1stEd.jpg
First edition cover
Author(s) George Orwell
Original title Animal Farm: A Fairy Story
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Subject(s) Bolshevism projected to the world of animals
Genre(s) Classics, Satire, educational animation
Publisher Secker and Warburg (London)
Publication year 17 August 1945
Media type Print (hardback & paperback)
Pages 112 pp (UK paperback edition)
ISBN ISBN 0-452-28424-4 (present) ISBN 978-0-452-28424-1
OCLC Number 53163540
Dewey Decimal 823/.912 20
LC Classification PR6029.R8 A63 2003b
Preceded by The Lion And The Unicorn
Followed by Nineteen Eighty-Four

Animal Farm is a book by George Orwell. It is a parody of the Bolshevist Revolution and Communism. Napoleon, a pig is parodied as Lenin or Stalin in the book. Bolshevists are the pigs, Jewish lackeys, the servants of Bolshevism are the dogs, the horse is the honest misused worker, sheeps are the misused people, who gave their goods for nothing the pigs, who became thicker and more brazen every day. We get to know, from the book, that during Bolshevistm all are equal, but some are even more equal than others.

Orwell had big trouble to get the book printed, even though he was a relatively well-known author at that time. However, Bolshevists were the loved allies, who were not allowed to criticize.

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