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Finnish troops defending their nation against the Soviet invasion.

The Winter War was a conflict between Finland and the Soviet Union. The war began in 1939 with the Soviet Union, led by Joseph Stalin when he attacked Finland in hopes of drawing Socialists into the USSR Army and other political reasons. The Finnish were outnumbered 4 to 1 for general infantry,200 to 1 for armoured tanks, and 30 to 1 for aircraft. The Soviet Union was frustrated by the resititance of the Finnish fighters and in 1940 signed a Treaty. Sweden keep its neutrality from the conflict but did send around 8.000 volunteers as help, they were worried that after the fall of Finland they could be the next[1].

In the 4 months of fighting, the Soviet Union loss a great amount of infantry and tanks. One Soviet officer was quoted as saying:

"We have won enough ground to bury our dead."

About 391 000 Soviet infantry died, 1 000 aircraft and 2,300 tanks were lost. Finland's losses were much lower,and were limited to around 22,830 men.


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