Finland in the Eye of the Storm

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Finland in the Eye of the Storm is a 2005 revisionist book regarding World War II by the Finnish historian Erkki Hautamäki. He utilized information from the secret "File S32" of the Marshal of Finland Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim. The book makes various less politically correct claims regarding WWII and the Allies, such as:[1][2]

  • After Germany and the Western Allies had been weakened by fighting one another, in part due to incitement by Stalin, Stalin planned to conquer Europe. See also Soviet offensive plans controversy.
  • Churchill and Stalin negotiated co-operation in a war against Germany already since April 1939. In July, it was agreed that when Germany and the Soviet Union attacked Poland (later occurring on 1 September 1939), the declaration of war of the Western Allies would be focused only against Germany.
  • On the 15th of October 1939, a secret agreement was signed between Stalin and Churchill. The Allied forces planned to conquer Denmark, Norway, and Sweden in the name of Finnish aid, depriving Germany of products such as essential iron from Sweden. Simultaneously, the Soviet Union would have conquered Finland.
  • The courier of Stalin transporting the strategic war plans from Churchill was compelled by German Luftwaffe to land on 9 February 1940. During the examination, all documents were photographed. Hitler received exact information about the Allied and Soviet attack plans. He therefore started to plan a preventive attack on Norway.
  • The Winter War of Finland did not stop because of Stalin’s fear of a possible threat of Western Allies attacking to defend Finland. It ended when Hitler sent Stalin a demand that Stalin should cease the attacks against Finland, or Germany would bombard Soviet troops and fight for Finland. The Marshal received from Hitler information about this and copies of the plan of the Western Allies and Stalin concerning Finland.
  • The Swedish King Gustaf V received personally the assurance from Hitler that Germany had no claims, if Sweden stayed neutral and delivered iron ore as before. The King also received information of the plans of the Allies.

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