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The Walt Disney Company was founded by the cartoonist Walt Disney. Disney went on to create an entertainment company based upon his cartoon characters and later developed two recreational parks Disneyland and Disney World in California and Florida respectively. Disney was one of the few Hollywood moguls who was not Jewish. The Jews resented him and his talent of providing family entertainment to Americans.

After Walt Disney’s death, the Jews--namely Robert Iger--took over his company using his nephew Roy Edward Disney as a gateway to gain control and seize the economically valuable Disney cartoon characters. The Walt Disney Company eventually became just another Jewish Hollywood movie studio producing the same race-destroying propaganda that is so common in the industry.

For years, jewish-run Disney Co made animated film after animated film featuring nonwhite characters. Then in 2013, they took a break from that and since the film was based on Scandinavia actually drew characters as Scandinavian people and instead focused on promoting feminism. This didn't sit well for the cultural marxists who complained "fantasy movies are too white".[1]

The company also owns and operates the television network ABC.