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Walt Disney (5 December 1901 – 15 December 1966) , in full Walter Elias Disney, was an American film and television producer, famous as a pioneer of animated cartoon films. Together with his brother, he founded the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio, now The Walt Disney Company.

There are various dubious claims regarding Disney, such as being anti-Semitic and racist, but even leftist Wikipedia has difficulty with the allegations.

There are claims that Disney had various difficulties for reasons such as high Jewish influence and Jewish ingroup networking in Hollywood.[1]

Other criticisms of Disney include claimed inaccuracies in Disney's fictional depictions compared to the source materials for commercial reasons, but that may possibly apply to Hollywood fictional productions in general.

Wikipedia also writes that "critics have censured his work because of its "smooth façade of sentimentality and stubborn optimism, its feel-good re-write of American history"." There are also accusations of his works depicting traditional American Christian middle-class values positively, described as dangerous "Cultural Imperialism".

After his death, especially after the Jewish Michael Eisner became the Disney company’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, the productions are stated to have become much more politically correct. See the "External links" section.

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