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Victor Gollancz (9 April 1893 – 8 February 1967) was a leftist British publisher of Jewish ancestry and a Zionist. He defined himself as a Christian socialist and internationalist. Through the "Left Book Club", which he founded in 1936, he was influential in creating opposition to fascism.

In 1945, Gollancz he wrote the pamphlet What Buchenwald Really Means, stating that all Germans were not guilty. After the war, he organized relief efforts in Europe, especially in Germany. He wrote regular critical articles for, and letters to, newspapers, and after a visit to Germany in October and November 1946, he published these along with shocking close-up photos of malnourished children he took there in In Darkest Germany. In his book, Our Threatened Values, Gollancz criticized the conditions for Sudeten German prisoners in a Czech concentration camp.

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