Traditionalist Catholicism

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Traditionalist Catholicism refers to Catholics objecting to the Second Vatican Council and reforms such as the new Mass.

Underground church

"Underground church" is a phrase used to refer to the contemporary situation of the Catholic Church, describing the remnant of faithful Catholics (usually called "traditionalists"), after the apostacy of the Second Vatican Council and the creation of the Novus Ordo Church which presently controls most of the buildings usually held by the Catholic Church, including those in Rome. The traditionalists have simply continued to practice the faith and celebrate the Latin Mass as it were before Vatican II, which they regard as an illegitimate robber council. Some societies associated with the movement are sedevacantists, believing there is currently no Pope and that Jorge Mario Bergoglio is an Anti-Pope. Others such as the Society of St. Pius X accept that he is the Pope, but criticise the council.

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