The Bow and the Club

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The Bow and the Club
Author(s) Julius Evola
Language English
Genre(s) Politics,
Publisher Arktos
Publication year 2018
Pages 360
ISBN 1912079097

The Bow and the Club is a book by Italian traditionalist and writer Julius Evola, published in 2018 by Arktos. The original Italian title, published in 1968, is L'arco e la clava. This edition was translated from the Italian into English by Sergio Knipe.

Publisher description

"The Bow and the Club stands in many ways as the culmination of an exceptional life of deep study, meditation, and experience. This volume, first published in 1968 by Traditionalist philosopher Julius Evola, includes the author’s final and most concentrated statements on some of the great themes of his career, and must be regarded both by the student of Evola and by the newcomer to his ideas as an indispensable work from the hand of one of the profoundest and most challenging thinkers of our time.

In this brilliant series of dense and beautiful essays, Evola lays bare the illness of his day, and suggests a way forward for those who are willing and able to pursue it. The issues he treats are various and diverse—from East to West, from initiation to sex, from Black America to Hyperborean Rome, from ‘the evasive man’ to skiing—but the theme is constant: the urgent necessity to come to grips with the fatal decadence of an age, and to rise to the challenge it represents."[1]



1. The Civilisation of Space and the Civilisation of Time

2. The Breed of the Evasive Man

3. The Third Sex

4. Negrified America

5. The Decay of Words

6. The Psychoanalysis of Skiing

7. The Myth and Fallacy of Irrationalism

8. The Olympian Ideal and Natural Law

9. The Taste for Vulgarity

10. The Laughter of the Gods

11. The Concept of Initiation

12. Freedom of Sex and Freedom from Sex

13. Romanness, Germanicness, and the ‘Light of the North’

14. Subliminal Influences and ‘Intelligent Stupidity’

15. The Myth of East and West and the ‘Meeting of Religions’

16. The Youth, the Beats, and Right-Wing Anarchists

17. Initiatic Centres and History

18. The Metaphysics of Sex and the ‘One’

19. What ‘Tradition’ Is


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Publication data

  • The Bow and the Club, Julius Evola, 2018, Arktos, ISBN-10: 1912079097, ISBN-13: 978-1-912079-09-4

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