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The migrations of the Teutons and the Cimbri.

Teutons may refer to a people mentioned by Roman authors (Latin: Teutones, Teutoni), generally classified as a Germanic people, although a Celtic origin has also been suggested.

They are best known for their participation in the Cimbrian War with the Roman Republic (113–101 BC). Rome was initially defeated in several battles, notably at the Battle of Arausio, with Roman losses described as being up to 80,000 troops, as well as another 40,000 auxiliary troops and servants. This is the largest defeat in the history of Ancient Rome, with the losses being even greater than those at the more known Battle of Cannae against Hannibal. Italy itself was threatened for the first time since the Punic wars, causing wide-ranging reforms of the Roman military, making it more professional, but also more loyal to their generals. The Roman Republic eventually won the war, but the military reforms contributed to the later civil wars in and eventual fall of the Roman Republic.

The term Teutons and related terms may also refer to Germanic peoples and related aspects in general, such as in Teutonic Knights.

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