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The Suidlanders (English: Southlanders) is a South African organisation that anticipates an eventual collapse of infrastructure, and advocates and plans for evacuation of South Africans from the major cities when the anticipated revolution begins.[1][2] Their leader is Gustav Müller.[2]

The ‘’’Suidlanders’’’ is constituted as a civil defence organisation under international law, namely The Protocol Additional to the Geneva Conventions of 12th August 1949, with regard to the Protection of Victims of International Armed Conflict (Protocol I) of 8 June 1977 as well as the Protocol Additional to the Geneva Conventions of 12th August 1949, and with regard to the Protection of Victims of non-International Conflict (Protocol II), of 8 June 1977, with specific attention to Articles 60 – 69 of Protocol I.[3]

In terms of the abovementioned international legal provisions for groups of peoples to protect themselves, as civilian non-belligerents, within circumstances of prevailing armed conflict, the Suidlanders is a civil defence organisation dedicated to the Afrikaners ethnic group.

The Suidlanders is heavily influenced by the prophecies of Nicolaas van Rensburg[4] b. 1864 - d. 1926 as may be seen in numerous passing references to him on the Suidlanders website. The gist of the prophecies[4] of Nicolaas van Rensburg which are germane to the Suidlanders' purpose as a civil defence organisation are, in précis:

  • The Afrikaners, usually rendered Boers (farmers in English) by Nicolaas van Rensburg - the appellation for conservative, orthodox, Christian, observant Afrikaners, would eventually have a black government installed over them in South Africa
  • The Afrikaners would suffer terribly under said government
  • Which suffering would eventually lead to two wars, or two struggles - firstly against the black government and then against a white monopoly capital self-appointed government (unilaterally stepping into the breach in the state during the crisis between the black forces and the Boers)

Leadership & Management

The founder and head of the Suidlanders is Gustav Zietsmann Muller.[5] He began the organisation in 2006.[5] He was born on 11 June 1968 in Frankfort and brought up in Villiers, both of them in the old Orange Free State province of South Africa. He participated in compulsory military national service where he served in Military Intelligence in Kimberly before attending the South African Defence Force Military Academy in Saldanha on a long term (permanent force) basis. In 1991 he had to curtail his military career to return to assist on the family farm following the death of his brother. Gustav is quoted in a video recording of 28 May 2016 as saying "My actual calling (vocation) is to bring the Boer people back to God" which echoes the purported Christian ethos of the organisation.

The Suidlanders is led by an uitvoerenderaad or executive council composed of Louis de la Gey, Bertus Schwan, Ben van Rensburg, and Hans van der Poel. In keeping with their strong emphasis on Christianity as the foundation of the organisation's philosophy, the Suidlanders has a dedicated spiritual leader.

The Suidlanders conduct training in all aspects of civil defence throughout the year. The training ranges from logistics/operations to the control of refugees and from first aid to communication. See.[6] The head of training is Pieter Gaybba.

In the event of nationwide anarchy following a collapse in infrastructure, or in the event of a civil war, there will be a clear need for co-ordinated evacuation efforts to remove members of the Suidlander organisation and mede volksgenote ((Afrikaner) compatriots) from threatened areas and to get them to places of safety. There is therefore a significant emphasis within the organisation upon communication capacity. The head of communication is Nico Engelbrecht. The full-time administration, management, and operational running of the organisation is led by Coenie Maree from the Suidlander headquarters. Coenie Maree is also the head of the Emergency Plan which is the name given to the overall plan for handling a severe national crisis which poses an existential threat to the Afrikaner nation, such as those described above. Coenie Maree is the author of the Suidlanders' renowned Handleiding (manual) which describes the Suidlanders evacuation and refugee management systems.

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