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Social Justice was a periodical published by Father Charles Coughlin's National Union for Social Justice, first issued in March 13, 1936.


Within days of launching the paper a fire of undetermined origin destroyed The Shrine of the Little Flower at Royal Oak, Michigan where Father Coughlin gave his radio addresses to the nation.[1]

The paper supported the nationalist forces during the Spanish Civil War and published The Protocols in 1938.[2]

In 1937, Social Justice had peaked in popularity reaching an estimated 800,000 people a week.[3] In 1939 the paper was sold openly in the streets of New York City by hundreds of vendors. The Jews documented the incidents that resulted in the street confrontations surrounding these sales.[4]

During World War II the paper was barred from the mails by US postmaster in April 1942 and was labeled a seditionist publication.[5] The government said it would allowed Father Coughlin to publish the paper but it could no longer be sent via the mail. The government action had the effect of closing the paper and it ceased publication in the latter part of 1942.

Significant editorials

  • "Communism or Social Justice" May 1, 1936[6]

Writers, staff, and contributors

Social Justice, 3 October 1938.jpg
  • E. Perrin Schwartz, editor
  • Louis B. Ward, editorial director
  • "Ben Marcin" was a pseudonym for a number of writers including Boris Brasol, E. Perrin Schwartz, and Joseph Patrick Wright who wrote on sensitive Jewish-related topics like the Protocols. The pseudonym first appeared May 16, 1938. The name "Ben Marcin" was chosen specifically because it sounded Jewish.[7]
    • "Punch and Judy Banking" June 1938
    • "The Truth About the Protocols" September 3, 1938
    • "Anti-Semitism A Shield" December 5, 1938 [8]
    • "An Answer to Father Coughlin's Critics"[9] October 2, 1939. This series of articles were published as a book and can be read here: text
    • "Fight Bolshevism at Home Before Fighting It Abroad" October 16, 1939
  • Dr. J.S. Barnes
    • "Italy’s New School Charter" July 31, 1939
    • "The War Profiteers" December 11, 1939
    • "Big Drive to India: Soviet Aim in 1940" January 8, 1940
    • "Possible Developments of the War in Europe" February 26, 1940
    • "The Situation in India" March 25, 1940
  • S. Fred Cummings
    • "The Farmer Suffers Most" March 7, 1938
  • Edward Lodge Curran, columnist (1938)
  • Philip Johnson
  • Carl H. Mote
  • Justin Soval:
    • "Hitler's Power Born of Versailles Treaty Terms" April 3, 1936[10]
    • "Do We Make Peace or Gestures? Hitler Asks" April 10, 1936[11]
    • "Dictators New Problem in War Threat" April 17, 1936[12]
    • "Hopes for Concord Fade as Wily Diplomats Spar" April 24, 1936[13]
    • "England Aroused by Her Diplomatic Position" May 1, 1936[14]
    • "Powers Approach Showdown Between Nationalistic Aims" May 8, 1936[15]
    • "Baldwin and Eden Hunt Alibi for Collapse of the League" May 15, 1936[16]
    • "War Causes Breed in League's Delays" May 22, 1936[17]
    • "What Will Follow the Dead League?" May 29, 1936[18]
    • "World's Leaders Warn of Inevitable War" June 5, 1936[19]
    • "Argentina Fronts for the League Powers" June 12, 1936[20]
  • George E. Sullivan
    • "American’s Insidious Foes" December 5, 1938
  • Dr. Francis E. Townsend: "Why I Walked Out on the Bell Committee" May 29, 1936[21]
  • George Sylvester Viereck
  • Joseph Patrick Wright, staff
    • "The Farmer Goose-Steps" March 7, 1938
  • Francis Parker Yockey: "The Tragedy of Youth" August 21, 1939[22]

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